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Do you know that France occupies the first place in the world in wine, and the second in the electric and nuclear power , the fourth in barley and cars, the fifth in wheat, grain, corn, uranium,eleventh in potatoes and timber, the twelfth in pigs, the fourteenth in cows.

Do you know that Brazil occupies the first place in the world in the production of coffee
, sugar cane and iron and citrus, the second in the cocoa and cows, third in corn and tin , fourth in pigs, bauxite, fifth in the timber, seventh in the cotton and gold , eighth in rice, ninth in the grain, the tenth in the nickel, thirteenth in wine, sixteenth in zinc, seventeenth in sheep, nineteenth oil.

Do you know that Australia occupies the first place in the world in the bauxite and sheep, lead, zinc and wool, the second in the iron, the third in gold, fourth in silver, uranium, fifth in nickel, sixth in coal, copper, seventh in the tin, eighth in Allenat, ninth in wheat and canesugar and cotton, the tenth in cows, eleventh in barley wine and natural gas reserves, the sixteenth in the grain, the seventeenth in natural gas.


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