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China News Agency /  Charlotte that claim "the youngest girl in the world" in 2009 was 56 centimeters long
. In the current year,Charlotte-old five-year joined the  primary school as children of others, her length is now 68 centimeters and show a cheerful mood and vitality with their fellow.

Charlotte was born  0.9 kg, and a length of 25 centimeters. Three days after her birth, doctors diagnosed her condition as infected with congenital dwarfism.doctors said  that they are not sure whether she will be capable of increasing length.

The Charlotte weighed 4 kilos in the current year, and has a desire in everything and active mood.
 Her mother, Emma says
"I was worried in the past that the bully others at school, although there is a special nurse takes care her daily lives, and she is not a weak as you think "


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