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20 important points to lose weight
lose weight

-Reduce the amount of food you eat every meal gradually, and you should try to be include all nutrients in the meal.

-Reduce eating of foods that contain fats, such as butter, margarine, cheese and high-fat milk foods fried in oil; because excess fat stored in the cells of the body, thereby increasing the weight. You can eat lean meat such as: skinless chicken breast, grilled fish and turkey meat.

-Eating fresh fruits and vegetables; because they provide the body with vitamins and minerals.

-You can take your favorite foods, but in small quantities and at longer intervals.

-Watch out for hard diet is that tempted you of fast lose weight, and depends on a lot of a certain type of foods less than others, and deprives the body of necessary nutritional values ​​needed, it may be effective but temporary.

-Drink a glass of water before eating helps you feel that your stomach is full.

-Eating when watching TV increases the amounts of food you eat without you feel.

-Start your food with a large plate of green salad without oil.

-Eating your food slowly and chew well.

-Avoid sleeping immediately after eating.

-Be sure to have a light dinner.

-In the morning  do some abdominal exercises,and running in place for 10 minutes.

-Start walking exercise for  five minutes a day until you reach half hour .

-Always use stairs instead of the elevator .

-keep new weight :

I know that keeping the thing more important than only own it , and weight control is not only to lose weight , but also to how to keep the new weight and prevent weight gain again, 
so .....
-Eat your food as 3 or 4 light meals every day.
-Do not eat unless you felt hungry.
-Move away from the beans as much as possible.
-Reduced the sugar in juices and drinks until you get used to it.
-Watch your weight always without cause anxiety.