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we all  realize that eating less food with the aid of exercise is one of the simplest ways that prove effective results for weight loss , but there are secrets to weight loss has not heard of many will be mentioned here..

weight loss

- low temperature of your home; This may be a strange request? And how it can be related to weight?
According to a recent study published in the science journal of obesity " International Journal of Obesity 2011 " that the high internal temperature of your home may prevent burn calories .
Reason to be "a warm body when lacks the need to burn stored fat to raise the temperature of the body," but if it feels cold burn extra calories for heating and then burn fat.

- Go to bed early; researchers discovered that the good sleeping at night is one of the best ways to fight hungry and help to weight loss,deprivation of sleep causes a big and important changes in the organizing  hormones of hungry

weight loss

- Dinner fork; why dinner, exactly? The golden rule for weight loss depends on not eating a heavy and high calories meal  in the evening, and for the theory of fork relies that the food that can not be eaten only with a fork like; fish, vegetables, starches and grains contain sugar slow digestion and poor in calories.

- Reduce the dinner outside the home to just once per month; This study confirms that to have a meal in restaurant only once a month reduces the risk of obesity by 50 per cent, becuase preparing meals at home helps you control the amount of fat, sugar and salt compared with the fast food at restaurant


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