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a lot of people interested in whitening teeth with brushing their teeth daily that is to insure protection of the teeth, but that does not white teeth , So a lot of people go to the doctor for teeth whitening, a process that takes time and effort , So dental specialists have invented some of the material and there is also a natural materials for whitening teeth

• mix lemon juice with some salt ,then rinsing with it and leave it on the teeth for awhile , and always repeat this operation  helps in whitening teeth.

• mix of Carbonate of soda with water can help to remove yellow spots and others from the surface of the teeth.

•Wash mouth every week in water of oxygen which is inexpensive material and is available in all areas, but should not use it much , because it is harmful to the teeth when excessive usage.

• Whitening teeth with crushing peppermint and put a little of oil and then we rub the teeth with it daily , which gives a good effect in a good period of time.


some products for teeth whitening at home
• Teeth Whitening Kit  : It is a quick remedy consists of porcelain Plastics . we put it over the teeth for awhile and then remove at any time .


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