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In the field of health:
1.Onions insect repellent is the simplest way to drive away insects and cleaner than other insecticides
2.Calm the inflammation caused by insect bites When rubbing a piece of onion on the site of the bite helps to bear the pain.
3.calm sore throat and onion tea is a natural antibiotic to reduce the inflammation of the throat and is prepared by boiling onion peel in a glass of water and then drink water after removing the onions from it.
4.Used to treat fainting and headaches.
5. Relieves the pain of burns.

in Home:
1.Metal polishing: Place the onion slices on a damp cloth and rub the minerals that need polishing.
2.Get rid of the smell of fresh paint: by using the same previous method on a newly painted surfaces instead of harmful smell of paint
3.used to clean the Grills by cutting an onion in half and then put half of it in the fork and start rubbing the grill in order to clean it.

in Food:
1.Makes burned rice is edible again: When put sliced ​​onions on the burned rice they absorb the taste, which adds burning it and you can eat again.
2.You can cook it with eggs in the morning so that gives you the best breakfast meal