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Water Diet  ..Lose 5 kg in a week ... we hear about "water diet" and we do not know what exactly is meant by it!, It is a diet depends on a system which clean the body by drinking cups of water for five days a week, beside the main meals during the day.

Here's the Water Diet program is as follows:

- The first day : Drink 8 glasses of cold water mixed with ice cubes throughout the day.
And for the main meals eat a fresh apple or juice made ​​at home without any additions.

- Second day : Drink an additional two cups of water, ie 10, but the food you eat carrots to reduce the feeling of hunger.

- Day Three : You can drink 8 to 10 glasses of water, and allows you to eat as much as you like of fruits and vegetables, whether boiled or steamed cooked without salt.

- Fourth day : In addition to 8 cups of water, you can drink milk and eat bananas. No other fruits or vegetables are allowed on this day.

- The fifth day : On the fifth day, supposed to lost about 3 kilograms of weight if you follow the diet strictly, on this day you should drink 10 cups of water, beside  6 to 10 medium-sized tomato fruits .

On the sixth day it is supposed to lost about 5 kilos, at that point you can eat normally, but be careful ... stay away from fatty food and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.