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A few days ago the Japanese company "Hitachi" has announced about its intention to launch " the fastest elevator in the world " its speeds will reach 72 km per hour!
That mean that you can reach the 100th floor in less than a minute !

" Hitachi " Company was the author of the lead in providing the fastest elevator in the world earlier, specifically in "1968" at speed reached 18 kilometers per hour before " Toshiba " Company has extracted this lead of them , and begin to provide the fastest and most powerful elevators at the global level until now .

The Ultra elevator will run for the first time with the opening of the building, " CTF Finance Centres " in China, and will also add the latest technology to protect the work of balance with this high speed and to prevent any problems for the passengers ..

The future building consists of 111 floor is under construction and will see the light in 2016, and that means that only two years separating us from the elevator "rocket" ..!


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