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advice of  the world's richest persons

Oprah Winfrey said: "You will not become an important person in this world unless you really believe in your ability to"

Michael Dell, owner of Del Computers said: "The success of any businessman depends on the product itself, which he provide and the extent of his perfection, any problem faced the user even it is simple , is an opportunity to build and grow at the expense of the other."

Andrew Carnegie said: "No person can success with only his effort or without the help of others, team spirit and relationships with other successful companies is a secret of the success, too."

Murad Omidyar , the owner of eBay specialist in e-commerce, said: "The success in the business world depends on your ability to serve others and not with much knowledge or with important of your relationships"

Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, said: "Successful man  is who looking for businesses that others move away from it for its difficult  then carry it out professionally."

Tony Hsaiah said: "Happiness comes before success not after it , as some imagine, which shows the need to be happy with what you work in order to achieve success."


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