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Do you know ......
- That the brain needs to one-sixth of the amount of blood
 pumped by the heart and one-five of oxygen that enters the body .. Although the brain weighs no more than one-fiftieth of the whole body.
- That there is in the human body about 32 billion cell.
- Hands encompass twenty-seven bone and nineteen  set of muscles each
- That in the human body more than two million sweat glands produce amount of sweat, ranging from half a liter to a liter and a half every 24 hours non-stop in summer and winter with the effort and movement with the rise in temperature.
- That the number of sleeping hours , is ranging in humans  between 7: 8 hours per day,  that means that we spend more than a third of  life in sleeping , ie.. Man who lived sixty years .. sleeped about twenty years of his life
- That the common man walks at the rate of 20 thousand steps a day he can have toured around the world six times through 80 years.
- That tears contain chemicals analgesic for pain secreted human brain when they cry
- That the left ear weaker heard from the right ear.


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