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natural products to make your hair grow faster

1 - Rinse your hair with lemon juice so as to return shine to your damaged hair .

2- Use egg whites as a natural moisturizer for hair.

3 - Mix a little bit of apple cider vinegar with water so as to get the hair shiny and attractive.
4 - Mix a little honey with the right amount of cream on your hair especially on your scalp, to get rid of the problems of dry hair.
5 - to get rid of dandruff finally , mix a teaspoon of castor oil with a little mustard and coconut oil, and massage the hair with mix.

5  tips to how to get your hair to grow faster and longer 
1 - Drink sufficient amounts of water with eating fruits and vegetables for healthy hair.
2- Regular taking vitamins and water .
Such as vitamin "A" and "c" and "d", which helps to increase the growth of hair, and you can eat foods such as vegetables, soybeans, almonds, dairy products, eggs and fish.
3- Use a good hair products do not over-wash your hair so as not to lose hair natural oils.
4-Cut the parties to of your hair once every two months or three avoid trichorrhexis.
5- Avoid washing hair with very hot water so as not to damage the hair and thus flaking.


  1. she's really good and i appreciate her doing it, but before it was soo long and i absolutely loved it. anyways its kinda short now, about 3 or 4 inchest past my shoulders, i mean that is long, but not long enought for me, im used to LONG hair and i loved it.. make your hair grow faster