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1- Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
A North American bird so endangered it may actually be extinct
Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

2- Amur Leopard
The world’s rarest cat: Only 40 left in Russia’s Far East
Amur Leopard

3- Javan Rhinoceros
No more than 60 of these swamp-dwelling Asian rhinos exist
Javan Rhinoceros
Javan Rhinoceros Biology

4- Northern Sportive Lemur
Here’s the scarcest of Madagascar’s fast-dwindling lemur species
Northern Sportive Lemur

5- Northern Right Whale
Hunted to near extinction, 350 right whales still swim the Atlantic
Northern Right Whale

6- Western Lowland Gorilla
Disease and illegal hunting are taking an alarming toll on this gentle giant of a primate
Western Lowland Gorilla

7- Leatherback Sea Turtle
The population of the world’s largest turtle is dropping at an alarming rate
 Leatherback Sea Turtle
 Leatherback Sea Turtle

 Leatherback Sea Turtle

8- Siberian (or Amur) Tiger
The world’s biggest cat weighs as much as 300 kilos (660 pounds)
Siberian (or Amur) Tiger

Siberian (or Amur) Tiger

9- Chinese Giant Salamander
Humans are eating the world’s largest amphibian into extinction
Chinese Giant Salamander

10- The Little Dodo Bird
Samoa’s little dodo bird is in immanent danger of following the large dodo into extinction.
The Little Dodo Bird
The Little Dodo Bird