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Some farmers, professionals or amateurs, got a place in the Guinness Book of Records thanks to a giant crops came out the limits of what we know.

The farmer "Graham Trantr " managed from planting a single  cabbage weigh 31.7 kg, to be 50 times larger than regular cabbage, and can be used in the preparation of 300 dish.
 farmer "Peter Glezbrook,  Records a new record in planting the largest onion in the world, weighing 7.7 kg, breaking the record for the farmer, "John Seaford," the owner of the onion, which weighs 7.2 kg.

  "Ken Ryan" was enable to break his record for the largest pumpkin  (122 kg), and planting another huge one weighs 392 kg.
The largest potatoes in the world, which weighed 11.3 kg in Lebanon .
  farmer "Nissan Tamer" was Surprisedwhen he had harvested TWO of radish weighs 10 kg each.
 The Welsh "Gardner Philippe" and his son were able to plant a cucumber weighing 51 kg, but although it did not break the record.
The Chinese  "Runge Juilleng" owns 10 fields of mushroom fields which its weighing not less than 2kg  for each one due to fertilizer use.