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List of the most dangerous and fiercest 10 dogs in the world

10 – Dalmatian

its origin from the Balkans and India as it weighs about 40 to 70 lbs and a height of 20 to 24 inches and this type has been used throughout the ages in hunting
But in fact despite its fierce but if he is trained from childhood, it will become very friendly and obedience to his family so there is a lot of people like upbringing it .

9 – St.Bernards
It is a huge size and we find the minimum male height above 70 cm and female 65 cm and a weight of about 50 kg to 55 kg , it has a huge and wide skull , and strong teeth  .
in any case despite the fact that this type of dog is very nice and completely harmless, but it tends to fiercer sometimes and it may attack anybody if he does not feel the loyalty and love towards him .

8 – جريت دان Great Dane
this dog has a maximum Weights 200 lbs , which makes many people afraid of him, but if you're a lover of dogs, he is a good dog fun to play with him and walk long distances with him, but it may be dangerous if he does not receive the required attention , and can be revels against his owner at anytime.

7- Chow Chow
weighs 40 to 65 lbs and length is 18 to 22 inches, some of us may see it is small and cute dog!! , But the shape is not everything, breeding this breed is  is the hardest !! his Educators need great patience because it is more aggressive than necessary , and it is one of the most kinds of lazy dogs !

6 – Doberman
Doberman dogs have a powerful muscles in addition to its beautiful form. The best way to control this dog is with an appropriate belt around his neck without force, you should be nice with this type of dog because he loves who be gentle and nice with him quickly . this Dog weighs about 90 lbs ,  and classified as guard dogs .

5 - Alaskan Malamutes
Dogs Alaska is known as a very smart and loyal dogs to their owners , they owns a strong structure and it is high activity, but they can become very aggressive at any time. Alaska dog weighs about 100 lbs  and bears the freezing cold weather, where these dogs inhabit the Arctic .

4 – Huskies
Many people think that this dog is very dangerous because of its strong structure, but in the fact , according to the research, only 15 people died over the past 20 years because of these kinds of dogs, especially because of his bite! .These dogs enjoy with high activity, as they walk with its owners anywhere obedient to him, and weighs about 66 lbs, they are very loyal to any family living with them, and The Huskies is close to wolf more than dog, as it howls as wolves and rarely barks!

3 - German Shephards 
This breed weighs 100 lbs  which is a strong and intelligent dog and guide the police in uncovering the facts.

2 – Rottweilers
it occupies second place in the most fierce dog in the world Rottweilers dogs are the most dangerous guard dogs, as it reaches a maximum weight of 130 lbs and a minimum of 100 lbs. so the most famous businessmen, politicians and celebrities use this kind of dogs in guard .

1- Pitbulls
This dog is the most dangerous types of dogs in the world according to " the World Organization CDC for the care of dogs against diseases " . Dog Pitbulls is stocky and muscular, it weighs 29 kg, making which making it dangerous when attacking, and it is worth mentioning that this dog is considered a hybrid of several dogs species, it is characterized by great force, and greater ferocity. it is like to Born to only fight.