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 " OnePlus One " Phone was announced by the new company "OnePlus"a few days ago as her first experience in the world of smart phones .., and in the fact the phone makes it certainly exciting and unique experience because it carries amazing high specifications to make it competes the finest smartphones in the market ..!

Here's video tells the story of the first phone for the company ..

But .. there is also a more exciting and creative experience was offered by the company recently after the announcement of the phone by only three days .. to announce one of the strangest publicity for smart phones this year .. where the company "OnePlus" launched a campaign under the name of "smash the past "aims to provide a new phone for those who are destroying their smart phones to get it for only one dollar and ..!

But watch out .. not all of these people will get this phone .. because the company will choose only "100 persons" in random ..!

at the end, if you want to run the risk, and do this  crazy experiment.. Just make a video for the process of breaking down your smart phone and then send it to the site "" .. and wait your turn .. may be from the "100" lucky ..!

These are some of the crimes that has been done in the right of some powerful phones such as "Galaxy S3 - Iphone 5 - HTC One m7" in order to get on the phone "OnePlus One" ..!


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