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In the spring, a lot of people are exposed to constant headaches as a result of the symptoms of chronic Sinus infection which can disturb the purity of celebrating the festivals of spring and eliminates the desire to do any important functions .

Causes of sinus infections

Genetic causes
ٍSometimes sinus infection becomes a result of transmission the disease from one parent to the baby, and as a result of his weakened immune system , so the baby becomes easy to infect with inflammation of the sinuses in the case of exposure to the pungent odors , or dust air .

Changing atmospheric pressure
As a result of plane ride or dive trips , changing the atmospheric pressure can threaten to sinus infection  .

Reasons related to the air
As a result of the spread the pollen grains in the air in the spring and spread the dust in the air , sinuses become inflamed, causing pain  , also the pungent odors can cause inflammation of the mucous membranes , so stay away from the street at times of increasing the dust , and avoid pungent odor ot protect yourself from Sinus infection.

Complications of the disease

High fever
Difficulty in swallowing
Swelling of the eyes

The treatment of sinus infections

Drinking water 
If you feel any symptom of Sinus infection , drink a large amount of water so as to reduce the viscosity of mucus.
Warm water compresses 
Making compresses using warm water can relieve sinus infections.
Raise the head when sleeping


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