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10 foods to help you lose weight

low calorie foods

there is no magic diet can make you losing weight between day and night, but there are some foods that contain a lot of fiber and few calories per gram, what is important is that whatever the quality of the food you eat during the diet, you should take into account the lack of calories in this food , and do not forget sport and exercises .

Here are a number of foods that you can rely on during dieting without harming your system or cause an increase in weight.

1 - orange :  the number of calories that one orange contains do not exceed  more than 48 calories (ie, 200 mg of orange juice will not exceed the number of calories 115 calories .

lose weight
2 - high-fiber cereals: the cereal that rich in fiber make you feel fast full , for example roasted corn,it contains very few calories, and you can depend on these cereals more at breakfast, where use rice or cornflakes in the morning with a little sugar and skimmed milk, and if you prefer the sweet taste, you can place few sugar by a few pieces of fruit., remember lose weight = low calories

3 - Liquids:  scientific research proved that no relationship between hunger and thirst on the work of diet, ie there is no meaning to depriving yourself from water to lose weight or to avoid weight gain, where research has proved that water do not contain any calories, it is the best thing which you can drink to fill your belly until you feel satiety, and you can depend on a low calories liquids as milk and coconut water, watermelon juice,  non-fat vegetables soup .

4 - popcorn without butter: perfect food for a diet . four cups of skimmed popcorn contains only 100 calories and one gram of fat, in the other hand, the four cups of potatoes contains 600 calories and 40 grams of fat.
lose weight

5 - Potatoes: Do you surprised? The problem is not in the potato, but in its cooking way , fried potatoes fingers filled with fat, you can eat potatoes boiled with more than one way, whether in its state or add vegetables (potatoes mashed), and if you insist that you eat in the form of fingers you can put it in the microwave.

6 - pulses: You can rely on eating pulses without cooking, such as green beans, green gram and kidney beans where for 50 grams of these pulses provide 140 calories In addition to its nutritional value as they contain a lot of vitamins , vegetarian proteins and enormous capacity to provide you with sense of satiety that you want.

7 - sour milk : You can get the best sour milk from skimmed cow milk  as the cup of it contains about 56 calories to be a source of protein , vitamins and calcium, as you can eat sour milk with a little cut fruit to get a taste of beautiful and healthy food.
lose weight

8 - green salad : You can eat salad with tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, and other plants rich in vitamins and minerals, and you can add yogurt or lemon juice to the clear winners for their little calories.
lose weight
9 - chocolate : new in the world of diet it is possible to use cube of chocolate weighs 20 grams to lose weight while not neglecting sport exercise,  scientific studies have proved that overweight is not only due to high calories, but also due to matter of controlled energy level efforts by the person , which can be controlled by a sport exercise.

10 - Grape : Instead of eating a lot of biscuits at the end of hard day's work as a source of energy, eating grapes, it characterized as containing a large amount of sugar gives you energy you want and also helps you to lose weight at the same time , and the grape contains fewer calories than biscuits as 100 grams of grapes contain only 70 calories.

lose weight


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