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1- Cats prefer mild food
 cat eats food with mild heat, they do not like hot food or over cold.

2-Cats can distinguish different colors, it also has perfect two eyes night vision it needs only 1\6 of what the human needs of light to see.

3-Small groups of cats called "Kindle" The adult cats are called "clowder".

4- The cat's meow
cats make sound that we call "meow" when it is hungry or happy or scared, but the interesting thing that the cat make this sound for humans only and does not make it to another animal.

6-Cats know the feelings of human
Cats are quick-witted animals are able to know the layer of the human voice if he was angry or happy. Try to talk to your cat with a quiet voice, you will surprise of its reaction .

7-That we do not know that cats are able to reproduce dramatically. couple of cats with its children can produce 420,000 cats in just seven years.

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