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Autism is comprehensive term that is called to a group of disorders which affect the growth of the human nervous and locomotor systems . Autism is diagnosed in childhood . The symptoms must be present before the patient reaches the age of three years . There are a wide range of symptoms that can indicate the presence of Autism , such as abnormal social development, difficulty in communicating, and other symptoms .Treatment focuses on reducing the deficit of the social and cognitive development of the child as much as possible through programs of education and socialization . In some cases, description of some drugs which aim to reduce symptoms.

Symptoms of Autism
1 - Separation from others, autistic child most of the time seems remote or separate from the people around him, as he does not pick up social signals efficiently.

2 - The inability to predict the behavior of others, or understand it which creates difficulty in communication and showing empathy with others.

3 - Indifference to interact with around him : Children with Autism often do not respond when their names are called, also do not show an interest in engaging in social games or imitate others.

4 - Show physically aggressive behavior to their parents, brothers , or other children . Autistic child may show inability to control his emotions and his physical responses in any strange situations he doesn't expect it .
5 - Delaying in language development: before 3 years of age, the vast majority of children begin to simulate the words of others , but the autistic child does not begin in chatter or talking even after 3 years without the help of speech therapy.

6 - Autistic child tends to express with visual or physical means, such as graphics and signals instead of linguistic communication.

7 - Individuals with Autism are vulnerable to somewhat like repetitive behaviors. For example, rearrangement the same group of games or pictures more than one time in the same way, or repeating the same word or phrase in a way that seems manic.

8 - Some autistic children may go to eat non-food materials such as dirt , mud and sometimes insects.

9 - Sensitivity to external stimuli is another sign of an early warning of autism. For example, he may become very sensitive to certain sounds, lights and smells, with violent reactions such as breaking , screaming or hitting his 

Diagnosis of autism
Autistic children are diagnosed with Autism according to the observation of doctors and parents for the child's behavior . But recently a new way has been discovered  to diagnose the disease by making a genetic testing  which observes some markers in the blood, and this new test has made the diagnosis be done faster and more efficient . It is believed that this test could help identifying  people at risk of Autism before the onset of symptoms, hence increasing the cure rates.

Treatment for autismIt is not available, until this day, one treatment which is suitable for all patients with the same amount , In fact, the variety of available treatments for autism, which can be adopted in the home or at school is varied and very versatile . 
The doctor can find available resources in the area of ​​housing, which could make helping tools in working with autistic child . 

Possibilities for the treatment of autism 
Behavioral therapy treatments and Speech-Language Pathology
Treatment of education 
Alternative Therapies


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